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Why Kristen Wynne

Kristen Wynne for Tacoma City Council

I want to see our city thrive. You deserve to live in a safe and affordable community with family-wage jobs. I want to be your advocate, ensure your voice is heard, and make Tacoma the city you deserve. That’s why I’m running for council. 

Kristen Wynne grew up in the Midwest. She has a Bachelors from the University of Michigan and a JD from George Washington University. She and her husband have two children (17 and 16). She owns a small business in Tacoma employing 7 people and has been a fierce advocate for improving public safety and helping youth experiencing homelessness. 

Before opening her award-winning small business in 2011, she worked as an attorney focused on land use and environmental issues. She later worked as a Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for the King County Prosecutor’s Office. 

During the pandemic, she started the Washington State Wedding and Events Advocates to give a voice to an industry that was being ignored by the government.  Building on that success, she co-founded and led the Tacoma Business Council to advocate for greater public safety in Tacoma. 

Kristen cares deeply about our youth, particularly youth homelessness. She volunteers for a service center and drop-in overnight shelter for youth experiencing homelessness.  

Kristen is running for city council to improve public safety, increase family-wage jobs, and give our youth a path to success. 

As a member of the Tacoma City Council, Kristen will:

  • Expand economic opportunities for everyone by focusing efforts on recruiting new businesses and addressing issues plaguing our current business community. 
  • Build a brighter future for our youth by partnering with nonprofits and businesses to expand successful programs, empowering youth through life skills and trade programs, and addressing the youth homelessness and mental health crisis. 
  • Make our communities safer by re-prioritizing resources to investigate and prosecute repeat offenders and property crimes and invest in technologies to make our city safer. 
  • Address homelessness and unsanctioned encampments through measurable programs and accountability. 

Kristen is endorsed by community leaders, organizations, and small business owners who know Tacoma’s best days are ahead if we elect people to the City Council who will lead us there. 

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If you have questions for Kristen, please call her at (253) 363-6173 or you can fill out the form below to email her. Election Day is November 7.